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Biosignature is a term used in exobiology (a branch of biology concerned with the possibility that life forms exist on other planets). A biosignature is a physical and/or chemical marker of life that does not occur through random processes or human intervention.

The other use is that of Ibrahim Karim that he writes as BioSignature.

If you burned yourself, draw as soon as possible the figure shown at the left on (a healthy part of) your skin, that has contact with the air. The pain will disappear rapidly. This may sound silly, but it works.

BioSignatures are linear diagrams that directly affect the energy and functions of body organs. They have the same vibrational qualities as the archetypal or ideal functions of specific body organs and therefore can affect them through
resonance. When a BioSignature is placed within the peripheral energy field of the body, its energy is channelled through its unique linear diagram much as electricity is channelled through wires, or running water along a stream or riverbed. This flow of energy enters into resonance with the functions of the organ it represents as similar patterns attune(much like the tuning of musical instruments) and thereby corrects the energy flow within the organ. This correction is instantaneous on the energy level; however, it may take longer to manifest on the physical level, depending on the nature and severity of the problem.

It is well known that priests of the Hinduism / Buddhism make use of diagrams for protection. For example somebody with a new car goes to the temple and asks the priest to make diagrams in his car on the ceiling inside the car and/or on the dashboard to protect the driver against accidents. Similarly the priests make these drawings if people enter their new house or when somebody is seriously ill. The diagrams shown in the image were seen in a taxi in North Thailand.

Reiki symbols differ from BioSignatures. Reiki symbols are secret and are therefore almost never available in a visible form for those interested. They are only available via Reiki courses and can only be used effectively by those who have received the relevant initiation. Reiki symbols are used for distant healing varying from a few centimeters to thousands of kilometers.

BioSignatures are diagrams that on purpose are visible. They are drawn on subjects - for example a pendant - and the skin. They are not used for distant healing.

We have asked Ibrahim Karim for a short explanation about the differences. When it is available we will mention it.

Examples of BioSignatures are given below. These signatures can be used as such or on a pendant or ring. Note the comments given on the page about pendants (the BioSignature "
chip") before using them.

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20 Feb 2004