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Before the construction of an important building (palace, temple, church, etc.) people did in the past preparative work that is not used much at present. This was to take into account spiritual power spots and the presence of the earth energy grid, that operates through certain geometrical patterns. The grids meet at various intersecting points forming a kind of matrix. This is equivalent to the acupressure points on our bodies.

Building the temple, the palace of the king, the market place, the main streets at the right places would result in a town that can be considered as a balanced living organism.

In 1928 a mayor had the idea of requesting the services of the dowser Gustav Freiherr von Pohl to the town of Vilsbiburg (near München in Germany), to go to investigate the danger areas of earthrays as to their ralation to cancer. He found that there are areas with much more cancer than other areas. This was attributed to noxious earth energies. (Pohl, Gustav Freiherr von (1932), Erdstrahlen als Krankheitserreger. Forschungen auf Neuland. Jos C. Hubers Verlag, Diessen vor München). See also the
critical review (in Dutch) about this work, gridlines, etc. from Jan Willem Nienhuys.

In the scope of this you can also read the stories of Ibrahim Karim about "
The Caveman" and "What is radiesthesie?".  
In addition to these energy lines there are the shapes in the environments such as mountains and valleys and there are the shapes and in particular the ratio's between lengths that play a very important role in the planning of the building of a town and building. There is the well known "golden section" or "golden ratio" (1.61803) or more in general "sacred geometry". There exist many books about this subject; see for example the books (in Dutch) of Mann and of Van Splunter.

BioGeometrical shapes used both indoors as outdoors for corners are illustrated in the pictures. This type of shapes avoid what one calls in Feng Shui "poisonous arrows".

A few links with more information about that subject are:

Phi: That Golden Number by Mark Freitag

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Examples are given on a separate page. A pyramid is a very special "building"; the information is therefore put on a separate page.