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On this page the influence of biosignatures, shapes, sound and colour on health is discussed.

The influence of two and three-dimensional shapes on biological systems is caused by what is called subtle energy. Subtle energy is a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment. This is similar to how electromagnetism was viewed only 250 years ago. The effects could be seen but not directly measured easily. On the internet much information is available.

BioSignatures are linear diagrams that directly affect the energy and functions of body organs. The size of the drawing is not very important. It is the shape that counts. Ibrahim Karim has developed a number of pendants. An example you see in the picture. Click on it to see an enlargement. They have a large number of BioSignatures that have a positive effect on health. The pendant should be worn around the neck or put in an empty pocket on the upper part of the body and should be exposed frequently.

Bio-geometrical shapes are not designed for specific healing goals; on the contrary, they work on all levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical - and have been found to be effective over a very broad range, including protection against harmful radiation emanating from the earth itself (thought to be a major cause of cancer), and different types of man-made pollution.

The effect of bio-geometrical energy on health is not specific and not precisely predictable. It appears to amplify the energy fields of the body on all levels and thereby give the body greater power to heal itself. The healing process is different from person to person; however, certain results have been repeatedly observed. Among these are the reduction of the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals such as chemotherapy, foods that cause allergies, and radiation from computers, television and cellular phones. This appears to be due to BioGeometrically-induced, heightened activity of the immune system.

Note: It is claimed that this is clinically confirmed, however the webmaster has not been able to see any report with results about that. See also the page about
electromagnetic radiation.

See also the page about "
What is BioGeometry?"

Shapes can have a positive and negative effect on (biological) material (see also the

Once we understand the "resonance of shape", it becomes he easiest of all types of organ communication to observe. Look for example at the ears and the kidneys and so on down to any level of detail. When there is a problem with an organ, look for other places in the body that might have become vulnerable.

The body postures or the movements we make with our bodies (legs, hands, fingers, mouth, tongue, eyes, head, etc.) have an influence on organs and their functions. Think on the use of mudras. Mudra is a Sanskrit term that describes the category of hand gestures used to facilitate the balancing of a person's vital energy. Bodypostures also affect those around us or those we look at. Our body movements or postures not only affect us and others but also animals, plants and even inanimate objects in our environment.

During a seminar Ibrahim karim demonstrated that the shape of the right hand as in the image at the left, emanates spiritual "gold", which can be measured with the "cone fictive"
pendulum. So it can be even a wooden hand, because it is the shape that counts.

For healing purposes you can use the shape of a healthy organ (in 2 or 3 dimensional). Look at it and by resonance the health will improve. (
See also

skin is the boundary of the shape of the body and is very important.

Note that the shape of a pyramid can be very dangerous for living people. The radiation of what they call "negative green" can dehydrates/mummificate. See the warning in French or English taken from the book of Belizal and Morel.

The sounds we make affect the organs of the body. We affect our body functions as well as those of other persons, animals and plants or even inanimate objects around us. This applies to every word we speak. The notes, pitch, speed, rhythm, combination of letters and other qualities produce the effect on us and our surroundings.

These qualitative energy interactions have nothing to do with the meaning or emotional and mental energy aspects of the words.

Even "silent sound" can be used to transmit the energy qualities given to it through the geometrical shapes of the tongue and the mouth shape. There is a tongue position to adjust the energy function of every organ. There are esotheric tongue and mouths positions as there can be spiritual effects through tongue and mouth positions.

Ibrahim Karim has recorded an "
Energy balancing CD"

The use of colours to make yourself feel better or for healing is well known: Red increases vitality and warmth in the tissues, Blue controls the throat centre and can stop bleeding of lungs, Green is an excellent blood purifier, Yellow is one of the most important medicine for chronic constipation, Orange is used to increase immunity, Indigo is used for the diseases of the ears, nose and eyes, Violet will assist very well with rheumatism and epilepsy.

Each colour has many other healing properties.

Radiesthesia can be used to find the right colour to harmonise a room in a house or to harmonise a garden. It can also be used to find the right colour for somebody with a health problem. To illustrate this, a simplified procedure from the book of
Enel is given below. It is only one of the different methods that exist.

A pendulum can be calibrated for colours. The length of the cord between the pendulum and the fingers that hold the string determines the reaction on a colour. When a pendulum is held above a coloured tissue or piece of paper, it will start turning clockwise at a cord length that depends on the colour. On a so called
cone fictive pendulum, the colours has already been indicated.

First the “main colour” of the patient is determined. The pendulum is kept above the opened left hand palm (the right hand palm with women) and the colour is determined. The cord is slowly slipped between the fingers till the pendulum starts turning clockwise.

It is important that the patient looks to the north and that the space is light (or outside in the sun). Further it is important to avoid measuring near a tree or a very large object such as a large cupboard, because that can affect the measurements. Avoid also the presence of a mirror. That a mirror can change the results of the measurements can easily be verified by measuring your own main colour before a mirror and in absence of a mirror.
Diagnosing the patient is done by keeping the pendulum in the right hand at the cord length of the main colour of the patient, while the left hand is used to point at the different parts of the body of the patient. As soon as the pendulum stops turning clockwise, there is an indication of non harmony, for example a problem with an organ.

Now the patient is given tissues (one after the other) with different colours. When the pendulum turns again clockwise, the colour has been found that the patient should use to harmonise the body.

See also the page "
relationship between musical notes, colours, metals and geometry" and "There can be resonance between colours, sound and geometry" and "colours as gold and UV for spirituality".

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