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Pendulum, Scepter and Radiesthesia

Below you find 3 examples of pendulums and scepters and a short explanation of radiesthesia.

"Cone fictive"

This very accurate and simple scientific pendulum was designed and calibrated by the French researchers Chaumery and Belizal in the late 1940's to be used for detection and measurements in Physical Radiesthesia, or Microvibrational Physics, as they called their science to differentiate it from the widely popularized Mental Radiesthesia, which was a form of dowsing based on the operators interaction with his subconscious, in a form of psychic activity, which was prone to autosuggestion, and was therefore not very accurate for scientific work.

More information of Ibrahim Karim.

BioGeometrical Universal Pendulum/Scepter

is a special and powerful device based on that designed and used by Dr. Ibrahim Karim. It is very useful in all types of energy and spiritual healing. It emits a carrier wave from its lower tip, called the negative green vibration. It is however important that this amulet has the designs engraved on it as shown in the picture, that play a vital role in canceling the harmful vertical component of the negative green.

When used for measurements on an object, person, animal, plant or picture, it will start charging the object, so that after some time the energy quality of the object will become temporary balanced. For those working on interaction with the subconscious, higher consciousness, reincarnation research, or esoteric sciences this is a very sensitive and protective device.

More information of Ibrahim Karim.

Djed-Wadj Scepter/Pendulum

is a special and powerful pendulum/scepter put together by Dr. Ibrahim Karim based on a specific combination of two Ancient Egyptian symbols used as amulets and scepters.

More information of Ibrahim Karim.


Radiesthesia is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using man's sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from energy levels that are not accessible to the five physical senses. It utilizes simple pendular instruments to measure minute vibrational interactions between the energy fields of the person taking the measurements and the object of those measurements.

On a separate page you find a text from Ibrahim Karim about "
What is radiesthesia?"

There are two types of radiesthesia and they are basically different.

The important books in radiesthesia are mostly in French because these ancient sciences were preserved through ancient times, preserved through temples, by Jesuits. The Jesuits preserved that because when they went for missionary to Africa or South America, they could do better than the local medicine there. If somebody has a problem they knew as herbalist what plant to use. But if the plant was not available, all of a sudden the European knowledge was useless. If he has his pendulum he could actually find available herbs. So for the missionary it was very important to go into an environment that he does not know and find harmony. So they kept radiesthesia over so many years. At the end of last century they started writing many books about radiesthesia and priests wrote many of those books.

Abbé Mermet was the most famous one. He was very famous for discovery water sources. If he discovered a water source he could tell you the depth, the speed of water there, the amount, the flow, the clarity and the quality.

The book "
Supersensonics" of Christopher Hills has a very good part about radiesthesia.

One type is the radiesthesia you are all familiar with; it is speaking (by means of your pendulum) with your subconscious. You take a pendulum and create a code with your subconscious. You take the pendulum (any shape or weight will do), move it and make an agreement with yourself (as if it is speaking to another person when it says yes or no). This is one way of entering into a dialogue with your subconscious. That means this type enters under automatism's because instead of doing it with the pendulum, you can arrange that the information comes with the twitching of your fingers or by writing. Any type of twitching of your body will, once you give it a meaning in agreement with your subconscious, give you the desired information and become your personal pendulum. For instance with somebody the twitching of the eyes will indicate something nice is going to happen. Or it can be a warning when he meets a person and goes somewhere, that something bad is announcing itself. When his eye is twitching it gives him a certain kind of information. These are all measurements of what is happening inside your energy-field, indicating to your consciousness, what is happening through this automatism. In this system you have to ask questions.Automatism is based on meaning and questions. It happens at a certain level. On the meaning level can be a problem that is highly subjective. What one sees has a certain percentage of personal colouring. All information goes through your own databank and every one of us has a different databank. In order to do proper research we have to go somewhere else. We use radiesthesia for many things and the use of our sub-conscience can perform wonders. Everybody is different. One person has more colouring or autosuggestion than somebody else does.See also the page "Dowsing humbug?". 

There is another type of radiesthesia that works in this area. Measurement of the qualitative scale as with the
biometer. We want to work with an abstract scale without giving it any meaning at all. When you actually see colours, your brain wonders "what happens to my energy through this or that colour". We want to know what those colours do to your energy. I am just projecting the result of my colour-scale when I create my reality. I am measuring and projecting the results of my measurement on the objects outside. The body has so many scales of measurement, they all say the same thing and they are all abstract. Before they come into the meaning level they are abstract; so they are accurate. This depends on the fact that we are all the same. You all get the same measurement if you stick to this scale. If two people get differences in measurement they might be picking up different things. One is picking the energy of the material itself and the other the energy of the shape. Then you are wondering if you are making a mistake. But both measurements are correct, you just are picking out different things. This is a method of measurement of the qualitative scale. Because it is a scale that is telling me what is happening to me, to my inner quality and to my energy. There is a difference between qualitative scales and quantitative scales, but each one can be translated into the other. Like the monochord of the ancient Egyptians that we know from Pythagoras. When I play a tone on a string this is qualitative, but to get that tone I have to use a certain length of the string (a mathematical thing). You can actually translate the qualitative into the quantitative. The idea that science, which is based on quantitative measurements is more accurate than all other disciplines that are based on the qualitative, is not true because one is based upon the other. Only the qualitative is more natural because it gives a scale that gives you understanding.