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When you put a tomato in a pyramid on 1/3 of the height of the pyramid, the tomato will not putrefy. It will dry out. That is fantastic isn't it. When you put a living human in a pyramid, he will dry out and become a (dead) mummy. Fantastic and is it true? Yes it is! It is caused by a sort of radiation called "negative green". In their book, Belizal and Morel warn for this "negative green" as they call it because the famous French researcher Léon Chaumery has died because of his research on that radiation. A copy of the warning in French and a translation in English is put on a separate page.

But what about the pyramids in for example Egypt?

They found for the Great pyramid in Egypt an indentation of about half a degree. Just only two links that mention something about this indentation:



According to Ibrahim Karim does the indentation cancel the harmful vertical negative green. Also there are the shafts that despite their small dimensions (20 x 20 cm), greatly complicated the construction of the pyramid. Not to mention the fact that both northern shafts had to be bent several times at different angles. The pharaohs have gone through complex methods that are architecturally very difficult to achieve, to cancel the vertical aspect of negative green. Why? Maybe somebody was using the pyramid who wasn't dead? Possibly they did that to have spirituality emanating geometrically in the pyramid and cancelling the vertical aspect of the negative green at the same time. And you would fill the pyramid with spirituality. You have this energy coming into it, spiritualized but usable by the people.

This shows us a very important thing. If you use little pyramids for meditation or any type of thing it is very dangerous because with time you take both aspects of negative green from the bottom of the pyramid. So what do you do if you have bought all those small pyramids in your house, on your heads? It is very simple. You take a pen and in the middle of every side you draw a small vertical line. Even on the pyramids that are composed of tubes you make a vertical line on the centre of the tube at the base. This is very important. Before making the lines, put it in your hand, perform a measurement with a
pendulum and after drawing the lines put it in your hand and make another measurement. It means that you are protecting yourself, you are getting the spirituality out of the pyramid and not just negative green.

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8 Mar 2006