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The BioSignature 'chip'

First we give the information that is on the leaflet with pendants. We added a few comments based on questions. Then you find the story of Ibrahim Karim about the development and use of pendants and because they look like a computer chip also called "BioSignature-chip".

This pendant contains a collection of geometrical designs (BioSignatures), that by virtue of their design properties (a tracing of the energy patterns of the different functions of body organs) interact with the bodies peripheral energy field to form patterns that enter into resonance with the corresponding energy patterns of functions of body organs to achieve the proper balance. (like musical notes,similar shapes enter into resonance and can be similarly attuned).

The pendant should be worn around the neck or put in an empty pocket on the upper part of the body and should be exposed frequently.

Electrostatic charges can accumulate on the chip and stop its effect; this should be cleaned by knocking the pendant on a hard surface, at least once a day to restore its efficiency.

Please continue medical treatment under the supervision of medical professionals. The pendant does not interfere or replace any medication.

If the signatures are not properly designed or not needed, they do not enter into resonance with the functional energy and produce no effect, thus no possibility of harmful side effects.

Please take note of changes that occur physically and psychologically (an initial cleansing effect may occur) and follow up with the Bio-Geometrical Center, to learn more about the dynamics of this new science.

e -mail: BioGeometry@hotmail.com

The BioGeometrical Energy Systems Ltd., Egypt 

The pendant can be cleaned from physical dirt by all means as used to clean metal objects as long as the cleaner is not abrasive.

Cleaning from electrostatic charges or from unwanted subtile energies is done by knocking the pendant a few times on a hard surface (for example a wooden table). Once a day is sufficient.

Developing the BioSignature-chip

Instead of writing BioSignatures on the skin of a person, we tried to do that on something else that the person was wearing and that has contact with the air. For example a pendant. The concept was at first very difficult because I used to do that for everybody individual. The signatures he or she wanted or needed were engrave on a little bracelet. This sounded very logical and it gave very good results. Then somebody came to me and said we want to make this a sort of medicine for the poor people, all those villages, all those places where doctors never come.

People from Bosnia even wrote to me e-mails and said: You know, they are using 2nd level radio activity in some of their missiles. They will contaminate the area for maybe 10-15 years. This will do something to their immunity. Isn't there a way that we give something to the population to protect them. So I was thinking, I can't take the engraver and keep engraving every day. If I engrave five rings, ten rings, okay. How can I make those things. So we sat with some friends in computer technology. When they looked at this thing in our lectures, they came to me and said, hey, you know that this is chip technology. So I said what do you mean. So they said that we can design a computer chip with that. So first of all we found the experience that whenever you put more signatures it did not harm you. Whatever you did not need was there to protect you. We started in the beginning with about 150 then we increased to 200, till we reached about 400 in one big page. Then we scanned that in the computer, and started making it smaller and smaller to see if they really behaved like integrated circuits until we went down to a point. And we printed the point. The strange thing is the computer has a limited number of pixies so it can't draw anything inside the point, but what it did was it just ticked it and it stood on the point for a long time. We tested the points on all the signatures and we found somehow the energy code of all the signatures in there. So we tested it on different patients. This point, that we could hardly see, we tested it and it worked. So we could make a beauty mark for you ladies that would stick here and it should do the trick.

But we thought of the manufacturing process. They went to a company that had anodized aluminium chips and with laser they could make it smaller from the computer and print it, and you get small chips. Instead of putting like a chip in the engraving, instead of putting gold or putting that to make electricity go in, we did not need that because we wanted the body electricity to flow in it. Then we got those chips and we tested them.

One thing led to another until we made an embossed chip. We thought if we made it in relief, embossed, it will be three dimensional, and it will live much longer. It would not scratch so much. And we did those bronze and silver ones that you saw.

I found something very strange. When I did a signature for somebody, sometimes I would ask him do you have a ring with you, do you have that, we usually engraved on something and if he does not, I take one of the chips, and on the back of the chips I engrave what he needs. I found that when I engrave on the back of a chip I got better results then if I engrave alone. It seemed that the body wisdom here played a better role than mine, because whatever I didn't put, whatever things I did not see, the body could take them from the chip, it was there. That means I would only engrave one or two things I want to accentuate, let say if they were put twice they would become stronger. I made it a habit of always engraving on the back of the chip.

The BioSignature pendants got impregnated

But whenever you're working with those very subtle energies you'll always have the problem of impregnation. Because any metal on your body, and even plastic chips, we did some on plastic chips, and plastic if it goes against the cloth, it gets some electrostatic impregnation. And the moment it gets impregnated, your body energy can not go in it. It is like your jewelry. You ladies go out in beginning of the evening with all this jewellery, and by the end of the evening you have taken it all off and put it in your bag, or you know, your watch, you want to from time to time do something like this or move it, because all metal objects impregnate and cause some disturbance.

For some people, this impregnation of the chip can be very dangerous. For example a person who has a severe case of epilepsy. They look at the brain, and at the diagrams, abnormal, he puts the chip, and because of the chip they become normal. So, he is happy. We tell him: don't stop your medicine until the doctor says. Your medicine you put on the BioGeometrical tray for the side effects. The doctor will soon tell him reduce your medicine or stop it completely. He goes for a month, he is okay, then all of the sudden he gets an epileptic fit. I saw that once in front of me. A girl went through one month she was perfect, all the doctors did not believe how can a chip like that do it. Then after a month one-day they found the symptoms coming as before. Is the chip weakened or not working, so the father drove quickly to my office and I went there and looked and I found that the symptoms had increased. She had started getting into an epileptic fit, and I found that the chip was not working. So I started cleaning it, and once it got cleaned and she put it on again, I found she slowly went out of the fit. So now this is the very important thing: especially when you work with computers, once a day you have to clean it. We tell everybody to knock it.

Q: How can you check it?
A: You can easily check it with the pendulum. If it is impregnated, if any object you are wearing now, your eyeglasses lets say with the metal ring, to check if they are impregnated or not, you put it in front of you, and put your pendulum in your hand, and see the turn, then touch your glasses, if it gets less, or left, they are impregnated. Move it a bit, if it doesn't affect you, or gets more, they are okay. With any object around you. Your shirt, at the end of the day, if you hang your shirt right now out there, and test it, you probably find already so much impregnation that it would bring your energy down. If you just move it a bit like that, make your hand like that on it, and test it again, it will de-impregnate. So actually every thing around you could impregnate with many things. So we try to make a chip that does not impregnate. And I hope that none of you will see any impregnation, especially if you are sick.

Q: Does impregnation have to do with vertical negative green?
A: No, not necessary vertical negative green. Impregnation is any negative emotion. It does not need to be of vertical negative green. Probably it will never integrate in vertical negative green because it will cancel vertical negative green. But other things could be impregnated. Any type of negative thing that will be stored in the metal and prevent it from working. I'm telling you in case you are wearing it, and you see there is a problem, you hit it.

Now the first thing I usually do, we did that with the old chips, but with those they come covered in plastic, so for so much time on the plane, and plastic rubbing against it, we don't want any electrostatic charge, so we make sure, take it out of the plastic, move it, blow on it, hit it on the table strongly before you wear it, because you don't know what happened during the manufacturing process with the workers. Even with the wooden plates and all those things you get here, you know, the soul is going into the wood, and all this happening, so it is good when something comes out of the manufacturing to get the pure energy of shape, you sort of hold your hand on it, or clean it this way, or knock it a bit, just do anything to disperse the impregnation away. But spiritual energy is not built in like a chip. Let us say if you pray on a glass of water. You knock it, it will still go away. Any subtle energy if you hit, it will go away.

Cleansing effects through the chips

The moment you wear the chip, what will happen is your immune system will pick up. When your immune system activates, you get those cleansing effects. Anything could happen to you. You might feel all of the sudden very sad about something that you've already managed to get over, something that happened years ago might come out again, every thing in your subconscious that has not been digested might come. If this does, okay, it has to go out. If you get a nightmare all night with so many things coming out, it is normal. Sometimes you get it and forget it.

You might get physical things. Any weak spots in your body might start something. For example a person has a good back. He never had any pain in his back. And then, when I am checking, I find a energy disturbance in his back. So I tell him I find a disturbed energy in your back. He says, no, no, there is nothing here. When I put the signs for the back, the next day, at a certain time of day, the back pulls a bit once or twice, or stays five minutes or something. Because the immune system has found an area disturbed energy not yet so much manifested and the pain, the heat, or whatever it is, it is working of the immune system. The person phones me, is it because I told you that my back was okay, you tell me, no your back is not okay and now my back hurts me. What did you do to my back? I say, nothing, it is your immune system cleaning it. But you will know the working of your immune system. A diarrhoea that starts, and after ten minutes stops. Coughing, or sinus, or things like that. That starts all of the sudden and then stops all of the sudden. A very common thing could be a skin rash. If you have too many things, impurities in your body, the skin might start a rash. But it is only during an initial period in the beginning. It could be an hour, it could be two-three days, it could not happen at all. If your immune system is not that bad and it goes up slowly, you will not have any cleansing effect. If an immune system is very low, and it kicks all of the sudden, very quickly, you will have some of those effects. So there is nothing to fear from all those things.

Now, how do we deal, let us say you are wearing the chip and something could happen while you are wearing the chip, the chip might in a certain case prevent you from getting something, or in another case, when you get something, instead of healing in a long time, you will heal in a shorter time. But if, let us say you get a problem while you are wearing the chip. If you understand the BioSignatures, and you get a gel pen and knowing the signature you want, and draw it on your hand, will instantaneously drive out something even if you are wearing the chip.

last update:

8 Mar 2006